lundi 22 février 2010


Here is one of the few good reason to wake up this morning, RENAISSANCE MAN, the Finish duo just put up this new Promotional Mix for Forma.T upcoming party in belgium...


1. Renaissance Man: Babbadabba – Made To Play
2. Siopis: Pesti Nasty – Ntrop
3. Kasper Bjorke: Alcatraz (ZDS RMX) Edit – CDR
4. M.In and Franksen: Drum of the beat – Souvenir
5. Cajmere: Percolator – Cajual
6. Crookers: Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) – CDR
7. M.A.N.D.Y & Bookashade: Donut – Living The Dream
8. Solo: Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) – Deadfish
9. Claude VonStroke feat Bootsy Collins: The Greasy Beat(JPhlip Remix) – Dirtybird
10. Round Table Knights: Drop The Dow – Made To Play
11. Oliver $: I Hope – Made To Play
12. Jody Finch: Jack Your Big Booty – Let’s Pet Puppies

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