mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Kenya / Matwana art

Update for this post.
Izuzu, kenya, Wyko arts, playboy, pepeta, inferno, ghost rider, blank, beats by dre, beatz, silent noize, currupt minded, brain crash, bizza, abid’s jewel, chrome, staff room, cash money, street noize, donk, west coast, low rider, east kid grafix, boom, prim, customs, duoste, predator, fire flams, for silence is defeat, party central, jocker, 777, blacguest arts, put it down on me, kiss me thru, raw, uncolonized, dirty new yorker graficas, romain, who ?, real, hooligan, wrong turn, creepy, jeepers, beware, deep throw, quantic of solace, black white policy, dare to start out, 007, we risk, dtp, act tha fool, move bi©♯h, mixe tape,  ufo, space bound, mitsubishi, live young wild and free, blacnificence, furu furu condition, bosse, hitlist, i am the big boss, dip set, respect my route

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