lundi 6 juin 2011


As you maybe know Soldia Sound's member Rookie B aka Kemba (for the old timers) is the owner of a blog called Mo'Future which features lots of cool stuffs about Reggae music... Reggae music yes, but not the Jamaican TOP 5. Mo'Future is all about underground Reggae music from all over the Caribbeans and the world.

As you supposed to know Reggae has been spread out of Jamaican borders and is invading the whole wide world nowadays. Mo'Future is definetly the place where to find and learn about this Not Yardie Reggae.

If you're not convinced just download Mo'Future first mixtape and listen for yourself, the selection on the mix a shot! It was put together by Rookie B and Migwaan from Straight Sound and is available for free download, you ain't got no excuses...


1. Intro - Firetorch
2. Love Is The Way - Jah Hem (Bahamas)
3. Legacy - MasSicker (USA)
4. Lovely Day - Mr Yagga Yow (Bahamas)
5. Nah Stop Try - Zebilum Tucker (USA)
6. New Prince In Town - Maddzart (St-Vincent)
7. I Promise - Raskal (Trinidad)
8. Being Just A Friend - Zionomi (St-Lucia)
9. Real Man - Jah Hem (Bahamas)
10. Rain A Fall - MasSicker (USA)
11. Rollin'- Fantom Dundeal ft. LRG (Barbados)
12. Nah Beg Nuh Friend - Fantom Dundeal ft. Darrio (Barbados)
13. Leaving Out Today - Firetorch (Guyana)
14. Who Jah Bless - Isasha (Trinidad)
15. Borderline - Mr King (Trinidad)
16. Everyday - Revelation (Trinidad)
17. Mad Cow Disease - Khari Kill (Trinidad)
18. Fake - Zebulun (Trinidad)
19. Money Can't Buy - Troy Anthony (Bermuda)
20. Feeling You - Fantom Dundeal ft. Trezay
21. Lead My Way - Rass TT (UK)
22. The Reason Why - Skripturez ft. Zebulun (Trinidad)
23. Stronger - MasSicker (USA)
24. I-Grade - MasSicker ft. Mity Maose (USA)
25. New Millenium Rasta - MasSicker (USA)

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