mercredi 28 avril 2010


Hey everyone! The sun shines so much that I ain't got time to post nice stuffs on Tropicalizer... But don't worry I'll soon upload tons of new cool things...

This is a little post to let you know where to find me playing in the next few weeks...

Saturday May 15th with RENAISSANCE MAN and the Fayabash crew at LE ROMANDIE, Lausanne for Electrosanne support party

Thursday May 20th at CINEMA ATLANTIC, Lausanne

Friday May 21st with LAZY FLOW and MYD (there were supposed to come for the SAGA AFRICA party but couldn't make it because of this volcano and a strike) for the TROPICALIZER 4 at LOFT CAFE

Friday May 28th with my crew SOLDIA SOUND playing the best Reggae and Dancehall at LOFT CLUB, Lausanne

Friday June 4th at FESTI'NEUCH, Neuchâtel

And last but not least you can find me every Thursday from 22h00 at the LOFT CAFE playing "good music" for everybody...

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