vendredi 12 février 2010


There is an Jamaican artist I've always respected, he has a killer flow, mad lyrics, he is always bringing new vibes to the Dancehall scene and goes by the name of BUSY SIGNAL.

He had is first success with the single STEP OUT on the Slingshot Riddim back in 2005 (for the little strory, we were the first Swiss Sound System to play it on Dubplate).

Since then he has been very productive, giving us big hits after big hits, working with the best Deejays and producer from Jamaica.

Not so long ago he voiced a track called DA STYLE DEH, which was remixed by DOUSTER and more, most recently he has been working with M.I.A and Major Lazer and just released this cool track called JAFRICAN THING, new remix coming soon?

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