mercredi 16 décembre 2009


Today I'm going to introduce you to a pretty unknown style of music called CUMBIA VILLERA... I noticed that Cumbia was getting pretty hype in the Ghetto Tech scene trough Djs and producers like Toy Selecta from the Mad Decent crew.

Cumbia was born in Colombia when African slaves started to mix up their music with Amerindians music, this new kind of sounds started to get very popular down there and quickly invade in the whole South America and further up in Panama and Mexico...

When it reached in Argentina, they started to play it with their own style and it became the gangster music in the slums of Buenos Aires also called VILLA. Bands such as Los Pibes Chorros (kids thieves), Yerba Brava (tough weed) and Damas Gratis (ladies free) started  to represent those ghettos and sing about drugs and violent lyrics like that...

Damas Gratis are, in my opinion, the best representents of this movement, with their leader Pablo Lescano, who is considered by many as the father of Cumbia Villera.

Damas Gratis live in Buenos Aires...

Some TV Channels in Buenos Aires only show Cumbia concerts all day long, so gangster!

If you loved the videos below, here is a little Megamix of Damas Gratis, including their best hits... And if you looking for some more Cumbia Villera dig on Itunes, I was surprised to see the quality of their catalog.

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