lundi 14 décembre 2009


Combining influences from funk, reggae, disco, 80's electropop and traditional African melody, South Afrikan group GAZELLE was born in 2006 following a long journey of discovery in music. Xander Ferreira, the founding member, started his career as a reggae singer known as the White Lion. Originally from a remote part of South Africa, close the border of Mozambique, he grew up being a part of authentic South African culture in confusing but colorful times. Gazelle had it's breath of life when Xander started experimenting with producing a mixture of organic and electronic music. Mixing an element of Reggae Dub and Electro something fresh was found.

Joining forces with music producer Nick Matthews, dj extraordinare Gazelle became a powerful production duo. With a flair for live performance Nick spent the last six years as a professional DJ and producer collaborating with some of South Africas finest musical talent. His focus has been to blend and create diverse sonic mixtures using the latest in modern DJ techniques. Nick's productions include the likes of electro funk outfit Iridium Project and the afro fusion band Coda. At the beginning of 2005 after hearing some of Xander's initial compositions Nick was compelled to help produce the work for the project and the first steps to a new journey began. Together the production duo combined an interesting mixture of backgrounds to create the unique sound of Gazelle...

Their upcoming album "CHIC AFRIQUE" featuring the single "Die Verlore Seun" is a bomb...


Gazelle will be in Switzerland very soon. They'll rock the Hive Club in Zurich, January 14th and La Hacienda in Sierre, January 16th...

If you want to know more about them, you can check them on their myspace or on their website.

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